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Utilities Order Form - SADA

Online ordering ends two (2) business days prior to the beginning of load-in.

Any orders required after this time will be completed on-site at the day-of-show rate.


Internet, Telephone & Utilities Order Form

Events will be closed from ordering online 48hrs prior to arrival date. Any orders after this time will have to be done onsite at the onsite rate.

For assistance completing this form or if you require a different payment method, please contact call 315-435-8000 and ask for the Event Manager associated with your respective event.

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Utilities Connections

110v Electrical Outlet_CV29702

Internet Service

Wired Internet Line_CV29702
For basic web browsing.

If you have special requirements including streaming capabilities, bandwidth requirements, or static IP addresses, please contact your event manager.


Telephone Service

Wired Telephone Line_CV29702

Special Requests

We will do our best to accommodate.
Upload Supporting Documents, if applicable

Terms & Conditions

I agree to the terms and conditions

NOTE: Rules and Regulations

  1. The Oncenter is the exclusive provider of telecommunications throughout The Oncenter.
  2. Incomplete telecommunications requirements may delay processing and labor charges will be added in the event of changes made after initial installation.
  3. Credit will NOT be given for service installed and not used.
  4. The Customer will be fully responsible for the protection and safekeeping of the Internet connection apparatus as well as the safekeeping of their personal or company computer equipment.
  5. Only Oncenter personnel are authorized to modify system wiring and cable.
  6. The Oncenter is not responsible for any level fluctuations or bandwidth failure due to the local Internet Service Provider (ISP) company conditions and or the local telephone company.
  7. All equipment must comply with FCC regulations.
  8. Prices are based on current rates and subject to change without notice.
  9. Rate quotes or other inquires for Internet Service, telephone service, and other special needs (i.e. LAN setup, etc.) should be directed to The Oncenter Event Manager.
  10. In addition to basic telephone charges, exhibitors will be charged for local and long-distance calls at prevailing rates.
  11. The Oncenter will provide internet connectivity through one ethernet drop to your booth (RJ-45 plug). You need to provide each computer(s) with a 10/100 Ethernet network card. You will need to provide your own Ethernet switches and cables to run between your computers. Your company may connect as many computers as needed to our network drop at one location or booth, however, sharing your connection with another booth or another company is prohibited. Additional fees will be charged if you need The Oncenter to provide wiring between your computers or if your company needs network access at more than one location. For advanced network connectivity including static IP addresses and VPN access please contact The Oncenter directly for more information.
  12. Wall, column and permanent building utility outlets are not a part of booth space and are not to be used by exhibitors unless specified otherwise.
  13. All equipment, regardless of the source of power, must comply with all federal, state, and local safety codes.
  14. Use of open clip sockets, latex or lamp cord wire, duplex, or triplex attached plugs in exhibits must be approved by the Facility.
  15. Under NO circumstances shall anyone other than “house electrician” make electrical connections
  16. Claims will not be considered unless filed by the exhibitor prior to the close of the exposition.
  17. All equipment must be properly tagged and wired with complete information as to the type of current-voltage, phase, cycle, horsepower, etc.
  18. All materials and equipment furnished by Oncenter for this service order shall remain Oncenter's property and shall be removed ONLY by Oncenter at the close of the show.
  19. All exhibitor's cords must be 3 wire grounded type. All exposed non-current carrying metal parts of fixed equipment, which are liable to be energized, shall be grounded.
  20. Rate quotes for all connections cover bringing the service to the booth. Additional labor charges may be required to assist in connecting equipment or special wiring.
  21. The Oncenter will provide the following Receptacle types Standard Duplex, NEMA # L6-30R, L5-20R, 6-15R, 6-20R, and 10-50R. Exhibitors must provide any other type of receptacle.
  22. Any hook-up cable larger than #4 AWG must be provided by the exhibitor.
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